About Us

I am Florence Smith, owner and designer of Djoi Designs based in Pittsburgh. I create leather handbags, leather goods, and leather jewelry for art and handcrafted lovers; who enjoy expressing their individuality. The handbags are hand stitched and designed organically, thus creating a unique and timeless one of a kind handbag. The leather jewelry is also handcrafted and designed using European leather and components. The leather jewelry is unique, stylish, and timeless and compliments the artisan leather handbags. 
As the creative spirit behind Djoi Designs, I look to the beauty in life as inspiration for my evolving designs. I am constantly searching for unique and interesting components as well as learning and discovering new techniques, which allows me to keep my designs fresh and fun.  When I am not creating, I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking (my first love), gardening, and music.


Owner & Designer & Maker